Tanner Leuellen-Pint Sized Entrepreneur

Tanner Leuellen, an 8 year old entrepreneur appeared on The Bonnie Hunt show today talking about his experience in apprenticeship. When introduced to the stage, Tanner presented his host with a bouquet of flowers, and upon request his “homemade” business card.

Tanner has been given many opportunities by local proprietors to “try” out a job at their place of business so that he can gain knowledge, which will help him to make a career choice in the future.

When asked what job he enjoyed “trying out”, he shared his experience with working at the shoe store “Good Feet“, where he worked 2 hours. He liked helping the customers and specifically mentioned an “elderly man” that couldn’t afford a certain pair of shoes. He enjoyed the opportunity and stated that he would like to work there some time in the future.

When asked about today’s economy Tanner said “It’s bad, but I think it will get better because they’re working on it”.

In addition to his business ventures, Tanner was named Mr. 4th of July in his home town of Rockford.

Not only did his interview help him gain exposure for future job positions, he was given a suit tailored just for him, a personal video camera, and a job with the Bonnie Hunt show for the rest of the episode.