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What’s Really Behind Real Estate Investment Seminars


Real estate investment seminars are not really something for the serious real estate investor. Indeed, real estate investment seminars are not anything that anyone who wants to know the reality of real estate investment knowledge or strategy should ever pay attention to or attend. Just when you think that all of the fakers and frauds who are involved in shady real estate “advice” have been forced to get out of the country so they can’t be prosecuted or been forced to file bankruptcy, a new wave of real estate investment seminars makes its way onto the lecture circuit and is advertised all over the Net and television.

Sometimes you come across the old bad guys with a new rip-off technique, sometimes it’s some new “program” altogether. However, even the new real estate investment seminar programs are just old hat, or old trick-ships in new bottles. It’s hard to open a newspaper, either in print or online, without coming across some screaming marketing copy about a real estate investment seminar coming soon to a space near you. “Buy Real Estate and Get a Rebate!” “You Can Buy Homes for 37% Under Their Market Value!” “Live The Lifestyle of the Rich Through Buying Foreclosures!” It goes on and on and on, telling the old, old story…zzzzz…


An authentic real estate investor knows that there is no way that any lender is allowing any buyer to walk away from the closing table with money put back in his pocket. Real estate investors know that real estate agents are not going to sell you a home that is massively undervalued; they would put those kinds of homes into their own real estate investment portfolios instead, and never tell a soul. And when it comes to the tricky and highly government-regulated business of buying foreclosures, you had better act within the constraints of a squeaky-clean choir boy or else you are going to lose everything…and that includes the clothes on your back.


Those who put on these “seminars” are the kind who prey upon the weak-willed, the avaricious, and the fearful. But it is sad but true that these can be definitions of the traits of the vast majority of human beings, even if these are not usually their predominant traits. The seminar-speakers make wild promises to make themselves seem as if they could set you free from financial worry, and what’s more do so with a pretty easy process. They are trying to get you to feel that you have to buy their DVDs, CDs, computer software, or that you can download for such a “low cost” compared to what you are going to gain. But the reality is that most of what they try to sell you on is not any kind of knowledge at all, it’s mostly stuff that is illegal–which is why most people are not following these procedures! Do not let these frauds make a fool out of you or put you in the poorhouse. Just walk away from these real estate investment seminars altogether.