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Hickory NC Real Estate and Homes


The wood of the grand hickory tree is prized for its strength and flexibility. It has been the choice of wood for centuries in the making of tool handles, bows, wheel spokes and sporting equipment. It the premier choice for burning in fireplaces and wood stoves due to its high energy content, and is the favorite flavoring for smoking food. What has this to do with Hickory, North Carolina, you ask? The parallels are clear! This town is one of great strength of character and flexibility of spirit. The residents of Hickory properties display versatility and adaptability in their homes and community. They apply “high energy” toward the preservation and celebration of the Hickory real estate.

The remarkable and attractive town of Hickory, NC real estate is a feast for the eyes of those desiring the beauty of historic preservation. There are structures and landscapes dating back to the 1700’s. There are Empire, Federal and Victorian style homes standing as proudly today as they did over a hundred years ago. Contact your Hickory, NC real estate agent about touring the Waldensian Trail of Faith fortress, Murray’s Mill, Quaker Meadows and Bunker Hill Covered Bridge. The latter is the only remaining covered bridge in the world with the General Herman Haupt truss design. There is a very active Historical Association that is always looking for volunteers!


Among the Hickory, North Carolina homes in 1944, a miracle occurred. The deadly disease of polio had found its way into the town, and escalated to one of worse outbreaks ever recorded. The Hickory residents demonstrated their strength of character by building, staffing and equipping a children’s hospital in the short space of 54 hours! The residents occupying Hickory properties did not hide in their homes – they faced the problem head on with the community spirit that stills resides in the town today.


Interestingly, the wood found in Hickory (the town) plays an important role in the commerce. For centuries, the finest furniture makers and cabinetmakers have resided in Hickory, NC homes. One of the oldest and most respected furniture makers in the country, founded in 1902, still operates there today. The Hickory, North Carolina region produces an astounding 60% of the furniture made in the US. Also, 40% of the fiber optic cable production for the US comes from this region. From practical uses to artistic design, Hickory, NC homes for sale offer you the chance to be a part of this amazing town!