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Teenage Entrepreneur: The Basics and Benefits of Hiring an Intern/Independent Contractor

If hiring an employee doesn’t seem to be as interesting or beneficial to you, you may want to consider hiring an Intern or an independent contractor. An independent contractor is a person who differs from an employee because they work for different companies.

Hiring an independent contractor has its benefits too. If you hire an independent contractor, you will stay pay them like you pay an employee. They will charge you an hourly rate; however, you don’t have to pay the worker’s entire insurance fee, and all the permits that are required. (Check up with your state to see what the requirements are for hiring an independent contractor) By hiring an independent contractor, you can save a lot of fees. Also, you only need to hire the independent contractor when you need a work to be done. It’s not permanent. Last but not least, if you find that the independent contractor’s work is not up to your standards, you do not have to hire them again next time.

However, the IRS can be very picky on what is considered an independent contractor. For a person to be considered as an independent contractor, they need to work for other companies, set their own hours, already has the experience in the work, and can’t be fired.

If you have the experience, but don’t have the money for hiring an employee, you may want to consider hiring an Intern. Usually, Interns work voluntarily meaning that you will not have to pay them because Interns are looking for experience. It’s a great deal if you don’t have the money but need the help, and have the experience. You may have to walk your Intern through what they are required to do, and the processes of it.

Getting an intern can be quite difficult though. The position that you are offering must be a skill that they can learn, and experience that they can use in the future for their career. The best way to search out an Intern is by going through the school department that teaches the skill to the students. Most of the time, you’ll find a student who is interested in donating their time to help with the work. After the whole ordeal though, you will have to write up a couple of reference letters, and may also have to be a reference. It’s a bit of job, but definitely well worth it!

Getting someone else to help you with your company other than an employee can benefit your company greatly. The more help you get, the more you can shape your company to success. You may not need an employee but you will need help for sure!